Party fashion changes almost every year, and by looking at vintage photos, you can see the development of styles and trends. Today we introduce the costumes that high school graduates played at Skyerneoffice parties in the 1970s, 1990s, and 2011-2020.

Skierniewice prom costumes. Every year there are different trends

Although there will be no concerts this year, it is hard to imagine that this year’s high school graduates will not come up with a way to have fun. The question is whether these games will be as festive as the annual parties. After all, this special day was what many girls were waiting for, carefully choosing outfits and preparing hairstyles.
By following archival photos of graduation parties, even those back decades, you can clearly see how fashion trends have changed. It starts with party costumes, nearly identical to all high school graduates, and ends with very short dresses. Color change is also noticeable. And when there are different shades of blue in one year, in another year one can see mainly red in the ballroom.
See, in the photos below, how she has dressed up for Skyerneoffice in recent years. The pictures come from different schools.

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Skierniewice prom costumes over the years. From a party …


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