OSiR Olsztynian apologizes for this situation very much, but makes it clear that it must fit the budget it has been allocated.

– Due to the need to make a significant adjustment to the expenditures in the next year (on average 8 & nbsr., And even 50% of some items) related to the difficult financial situation of the city, we had to abandon some tasks, including the sports department. The operating costs of the unit in 2021 should be about 2,700,000 PLN less than what was planned for the current year, and the DS liquidation would allow a saving of 1,200,000 PLN, because this was the spending plan for 2020 – we will read in the communication.

So far, the employment contracts of three employees have been terminated.

A spokesperson for the Sports and Recreation Center says that keeping the Sports Department’s activity and planning expenses at 1,200,000 PLN would require the dismissal of about 22 other Sports and Recreation Center employees, and that the center’s primary goal is to reduce layoffs to the minimum necessary. The liquidation of the sports section and nbsptak will not improve the financial position of the resort’s employees, because 75% in & nbsp2021. The crew must be satisfied with the minimum wage (it will increase to a total of 2,800 PLN).

See also: Ferie 2021. Tourist Sites in Opalach. “There will be layoffs. We depend on government help.”


Is this the end of city-backed sports? In the letter we read that no, because “the joint organization or organization of sporting events held in the facilities of OSiR will be possible, because so far many events have been held with the participation of sports federations and special bodies and they can still be carried out”. It follows that sports activities will take place on the condition that external entities participate in organizational and financial matters.

Can you read any optimistic tone in the letter? It is only possible that OSiR thinks the situation will be temporary and “as the city’s financial condition improves, OSiR will gradually return to the activity that was possible in past years”.


Internet users do not hide their anger. They ask, what is the point of having a center for sports and recreation, where sporting activities are not organized (“But what would you like to do on this job, if sports and entertainment disappeared? Imaginary situations where we pretend to do something?”). Another wrote: “& nbspW & nbsp, so in this case OSiR should be filtered. What do you do now?” Comments also express concern that if the city does not encourage sports, we will face the obesity epidemic in a few years, especially in children.

“From a resident and taxpayer point of view, I think investing our money in the & nbspzdrowie is the smartest investment and I appreciate this decision as a misleading decision” – noted a Olsztyn resident.