White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield announced Thursday that the United States will impose sanctions on 120 other companies from the armaments sector as well as the aviation and naval industries from Russia and Belarus. She also added, these companies will be cut off from Western technologies.

EU companies can pay for gas in euros or dollars. The Italian Prime Minister referred to Putin

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Russia attacks Ukraine – report

According to Bedingfield at a press conference, entities blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce, which will soon number more than 200, will not be able to import key technologies without a special licence. It added that as a result of the application of controls, the export of these technologies decreased by 99%.

“The strength of these restrictions will only grow over time, as Russian resources, such as parts for certain aircraft, dwindle,” a White House spokeswoman said.

comment The ruble exchange rate has almost returned to the level it was before the Russian invasion of UkraineBedingfield dismissed suggestions that this meant sanctions so far had not been effective. She stated that the Russian currency is “artificially backed” by the Central Bank and this does not reflect the good state of the Russian economy.

The ruble is artificially backed by the Central Bank

She added that while in the early days after the outbreak of the conflict, the ruble exchange rate was a good measure of the state of the Russian economy, it is no longer so, in part because of the artificial steps that were taken.

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earlier The US Treasury has announced sanctions against a network of 21 technology companies linked to the KremlinWith which, registered in Russia and abroad, Moscow has attempted to circumvent restrictions on access to technology for military and security services.

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