The Motorcycle Grand Prix in Poland has reached more than 440,000 this year. viewers and it’s the highest score in nearly 20 years! The following tours will be available in the Player’s Eurosport package, and tours taking place in Poland will also be available on the free TV channel TTV!

Where can you watch the upcoming Grand Prix motorcycle tours? Streaming in the Eurosport Extra package in Player

The Motorcycle Grand Prix of Poland was watched on Saturday at the National Stadium in Warsaw on TTV More than 440 thousand viewers And it’s the best result of TV coverage of the World Speedway Individual Championships in Poland in nearly 20 years!

The second round of the World Motorsport Championship competition was broadcast on TTV, a free-to-air channel. The competition at the National Stadium has attracted the largest audience to the Speedway Grand Prix in front of televisions for nearly 20 years! Polish SGP watched as many as 442,000 on TTV. subjects, which translated to 4.06% SHR in the A4+ group. This was followed by the semi-final rounds with the participation of Bartosz Smárzlyk, Bawi Przydbinski and Maciej Janowski. More than 615,000 slag buffs!

“When announcing plans to broadcast the MotoGP Grand Prix in Poland, I confirmed that one of our main goals was to publicize the highway and I am very pleased that after Round Two we can boast the highest viewership of SGP in Poland in nearly 20 years. Speedway at TVN Group Group are great commentators, professional experts, interesting interviews, high-quality production and the opportunity to see great Polish players. I am convinced that motorcycle racing enthusiasts will be with us all season at Eurosport Extra and during the Polish tours on TTV.”

said Dorota Żurkowska, director of Eurosport Poland and a member of the TVN board of directors.

This year’s MotoGP Grand Prix series, as well as the competition for championship titles in the U21 (SGP2), U16 (SGP3) and Speedway of Nations classes, are fully broadcast in the Eurosport Extra package on During each of the individual world championships, Eurosport Extra users can view the qualifications, as well as images from the cameras in the machine park, as the motorcyclists prepare for the next races. In addition, all Speedway Grand Prix tours held in Poland – in Warsaw, Gorzow, Wroclaw and Torowa – are shown live by TTV. The next contest will be held on TTV Free Channel on June 25 in Gorzów.

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New to the Eurosport Extra motorway show is the premier British motorcycle broadcast featuring well-known SGP players: National Stadium winner Max Frick and Jason Doyle, as well as Matej Jaggar, Nils Christian Iversen, Peter Kildman, Chris Harris and Scott Nichols, among others, Jack Holder and Paul Tobiasz Mosilak.

Eurosport Extra Available on is an unparalleled offer for sports fans. Package for 15 PLN per month Includes linear channels Eurosport 1 And Eurosport 2 Additional exclusive broadcasts, parallel live broadcasts of the world’s most important sporting events, a wide range of on-demand videos and a comprehensive archive of sports content. Users Eurosport Extra They also have access to a huge library of the best movies and series, original titles of the player, entertainment, education, lifestyle, cars, kids content and news.

MotoGP 2022 Grand Prix calendar:

  • May 28, Prague (Czech Republic)
  • June 4, Tetero (Germany)
  • June 25, Gorzow Wielkopolski (Poland)
  • August 13, Cardiff (UK)
  • August 27, Wroclaw (Poland)
  • September 10, Foggins (Denmark)
  • September 17, Melilla (Sweden)
  • October 1, Torun (Poland)
  • November 5, Oceania GP

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