The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) estimated that 70 million liters of beer (around 33 million liters) were disposed of during the first shutdown. Another bar shutdown resulted in 87 million pints wasted or nearly 49.5 million liters of beer.

According to the BBPA, this means that the pubs have lost £ 331 million in beer income that they had to throw off because they were unable to sell due to lockdowns and other restrictions.

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“Our sector is on hold,” said association director Emma McLarkin. “We have no idea or explanation from the government when we can reopen the door,” she added.

The association called on the government and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak to continue supporting the sector in the coming months, If the bars remain closed. Among other things, he called for an extension of the value-added tax cut to the hotel and restaurant sector from 20 percent. By 5 percent and a reduction in the selective tax on beer after the bars opened. As McLarkin points out, 1 in every £ 3 spent in a pub goes to the tax office because of a “very high excise tax on beer” – 11 times higher than in Germany or Spain.

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