Przemysław Fatyga of the Efekt Driving School in Pińczów ranked second in the province in the Driving Instructor of the Year category at the Car Masters 2020 competition.

Przemysław Fatyga is 40 years old, teacher is 11 years old. On a daily basis, he works at the Pińczów City and Commune Office as an in-charge of fundraising and public procurement. Driving lessons are his passion that he deals with in the afternoon. Aside from the Impact School of Leadership, two other coaches work.

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People from all over the province come to study. I have already trained about 500 people. The first tours are always in Pińczów. When the student is pre-prepared, most of the following excursions take place in Kielce. The journey takes about an hour one way. But it is important because our students pass their exams at the Kielce Provincial Road Traffic Center. The screening trip takes place all over the city in the provincial capital – says Przemisaw Vatija.

Learning to drive a car is not easy. It can also be dangerous, but not due to students, but to other drivers. Unfortunately, road users do not help students learn. They hit the road, grunted, they don’t turn away because of this irresponsible behavior, many bumps have already occurred, and fortunately nothing serious happened – reports Mr. Przemek.

According to him, the test provider’s main opponent is fatigue. It is the most common cause of failure. When it comes to traffic systems, students have a good knowledge of it. Little has changed in the test requirements for several years. For now, an additional difficulty is the length of wait. It was caused by a pandemic – says the coach.

According to him, girls are more open to learning. When men come to the coach for the first time, they usually already “know” everything. It is better that they go to the exam immediately. Of course it is something to do for the formal, Przemysław Fatyga smiles. Most of the time is spent training in road traffic. Intersections, lane changes and parking lots. When it comes to the maneuvering arena, we usually set aside about two to three hours to perfect it.

At first, his wife could not get used to her husband’s working overtime. – Now, with my daughter, they both support me – she says. He has many feelings. – cars, but most of all bikes. I used to mountain bike riding as I got older, and I found that mountain biking was not for me. I switched to road cycling. Last year, it traveled nearly 3,000 kilometers per season. I’ve been doing a hundred or twenty kilometers a day more than once – inform the coach.