The procedures relate to the renewal of the residential portion of the residence at 10 Downing Street – Headquarters Prime Ministers Great Britain that Boris Johnson He moved in 2019, right after the victories elections parliamentary. According to British media reports, the costs of the renewal could reach 200,000 PLN. A pound or a pound to weight – Much higher than the amount allocated for this purpose. This raised questions about the sources of financing the renewal.

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United kingdom. Downing Street Mansion Renovation. Johnson claims he paid out of his own resources

Reuters It is reported that Boris Johnson receives 30 thousand Polish zlotys from public funds every year in pounds to pay for housing costs. Renewal costs in excess of this amount must be covered personally by the President rz ± du. When Boris Johnson in the British Parliament was asked about paying renewal bills in excess of this amount, he replied that he had covered the costs himself and that everything was done in accordance with applicable law.

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However, Labor’s critics of Boris Johnson point out that it is unclear when the prime minister paid for the renewal costs and whether he actually covered the costs from private money, not donations, for example. Speculation about the subject was fueled by an interview last week with Dominic Cummings, the former prime minister’s advisor, who broke up with him in an atmosphere of scandal. Cummings said Johnson wanted donors to “secretly” pay for the renovation of the property.

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British law does not prohibit politicians and political parties from accepting donations, but they must be reported to the appropriate body and made public. Transparent donations to help avoid accusations of influencing politicians’ decisions behind the scenes.

The commission will investigate whether a crime has been committed

The UK Election Commission, which deals with the finances of politicians and political parties, has said it believes there are “reasonable grounds” to believe that a crime may be committed. “Therefore, we will conduct a formal investigation to see if this actually happened,” the commission said.

Investigators will verify that Boris Johnson made any donations and that these were intended for the renovation of Downing Street Mansion. If the committee decides that a crime has been committed, it may impose a fine or refer the matter to it the police.

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