Russian forces bombed a mosque in Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine, where more than 80 people have sought refuge from the attacks. Among them were Turkish citizens and children – the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported on Twitter.

There were 86 Turkish citizens, including 34 children, in the mosque shelter.

In a city surrounded by Putin’s army Mariupol According to the Ukrainian authorities, the humanitarian situation is the worst in the Sea of ​​Azov. Food and medicine are scarce. There is also no electricity, gas, water and heating, but the residents do not have a chance to escape from the city because it is under constant fire.

He’s on his way from Żaporoża to Mariupol at the moment humanitarian convoy. This is the fifth attempt to help the residents of this city.

Yesterday the authorities Mariupol It was reported that the Russians killed 1,582 residents of the town during the 12 days of the city’s siege and bombardment.

Mariupol is in ruins: people are dying from lack of water