Today, Saturday, the head of the Luhansk region authorities, Serhiy Hayday, announced that the Ukrainian forces launched an attack on the headquarters of the Russian forces in occupied Lishansk. 50 Russian soldiers were killed – the official added. In the vicinity of Lysichansk, the Ukrainians also attacked the Sakhalin branch of Omon.

Serhii Hidag said that during the Ukrainian attack, Russian soldiers held a “conference” in the courthouse. In this way, he said, the Ukrainian defenders were able to destroy the crew of the 6th Regiment of the 2nd Corps of the Russian Army. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Earlier on Saturday, an officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Anatoly Stefan told reporters that Ukrainian soldiers attacked the Sakhalin branch of OMON (a unit of the National Guard) near Lyschansk. According to reports, at least 12 officers were killed.

They withdrew from their positions

At the beginning of July, the Kyiv General Staff announced that after heavy fighting in Lysichansk (a city with a population of about one hundred thousand people in the Luhansk Oblast), the armed forces were forced to withdraw from their positions.

Oblast authorities estimate that 10-12 thousand residents remain in the city occupied by the Russians.

Main image source: Facebook / Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

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