This time it was a little more difficult than in the previous match against the Turks, but … just a little. Of course, the victory of the Polish women was not in danger even for a moment.

The Polish women scored their first goal in the 3rd and 51st minutes, the second – in the 5th and 51st minutes. The accusations of the Slovak coach Ivan Bednar again did not have any problems, and it was clear who would win throughout the match. After scoring five goals quickly in the first half in the second and third – the match became even. When top striker Claudia Telles scored an honorary goal for Mexico seconds before the end of the second leg, the visitors were as excited about the goal as they could, and screams resounded throughout the hall.

The last period is two goals for Polish women. Defender Claudia Schrabek’s shot that spun out of the blue line so that there was nothing to collect, was given a standing ovation.

Sunday’s match between Poland and the Netherlands will determine who will come out the most. Dutch women top the table after two matches, as they beat the Turks 23-0! However, after this beating, Turczynek’s coach stated that he was satisfied.

Poland-Mexico 8-1 (5-0, 1-1, 2-0)

Objectives: 1-0 Strzelka-Talanda (4.), 2-0 Sikorska-Wiecorek-Tomczyk (6.), 3-0 Wiecorek-Zelinska-Gogok (8.), 4-0 Kzarnikka-Sfora-Strzelica (9.), 5-0 Chrapek – Strzelecka (16), 6-0 Łąpieś – Talanda (38th position), 6-1 Tellez – Rojas (40), 7-1 Wieczorek – Tomczok (45), 8-1 Chrapek – Łaskawska – pack ( 52).

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Polish team: Kosińska. Sfora – Chrapek – Poźniewska – Łaskawska – Czarnecka, Gogoc – Zielińska – Wieczorek – Tomczok – Sikorska, Korkuz – Strzelecka – apies – Talanda – Orawska and Wcisło, Łapińska, Dziwok

Penalties: 4. -12. Viewers: Yes. 500.

Pawe Czado from Bytom

1- Netherlands 2 4 30-1
2. Poland 2 4 20-1
3. Mexico 2 0 2-15
4. Turkey 2 0 0-35