Marcin Hokail decided to provide children with unforgettable attractions. The dancer took the children on a tour of the United States. Show some great pictures.

Marcin Hakeel And the Cassia Seechubek They broke up a few months ago. They announced their decision on Instagram. Fans were shocked that there was no indication that they were going through a crisis. For 17 years they have been a very compatible couple. Now each of them is deciding his life, and on August 25, a divorce hearing will take place. The spouses will have to permanently end their relationship, but they will not meet in court. They will arrange everything during the online meeting, which was decided by the case leader.

The divorce of the spouses is only a formality. Apparently, they very well agreed to divide the jointly accumulated property, as well as take care of two children. Together they raised a 13-year-old Adam and 8 years old Hellinka. The parents chose alternating care, meaning they would live with their mother for one week and another with their father.

Now the little ones spend their holidays with Marcin. this is Take them to a special place.

Marcin Heckel with children in the United States. Show beautiful recordings

Marcin and Cassia share responsibilities for childcare. Each of them tries to provide them with as many attractions as possible. star TVP Some time ago I took them to the Maldives, and then to Masuria. It’s time to go with my dad. Some time ago they went to Zakopane together. Now the dancer has decided to go a little crazy and show the kids a place they’ve never been to before. They traveled together to the United States.

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The proud father regularly brags about reporting on the joint journey on social media. Marcin, Helinka, and Adam went to San Francisco, among others. First, they drove around, admiring the iconic Golden Gate Bridge from a distance, then drove through the suspended structure that connects the city to Marin County. It was certainly an amazing experience, because at 2,373 meters in length, he almost drowned in the clouds.

You can see more photos of Marcin posted in our gallery. These are really amazing views.

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