Ukraine could join the initiatives of the Eastern European member states of the European Union, particularly in the area of ​​infrastructure.

We can develop infrastructure relationships with Ukraine. I mean European Union countries like Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. “Ukraine will benefit from that,” said former Polish Foreign Minister Jasek Chaputovic during the Internet discussion at the Kiev Security Forum devoted to the topic of Europe. A day in Ukraine – reports Ukrinform correspondent.

He added that Ukraine and the European Union countries could cooperate more closely in the field of energy security.

Poland wants to be independent from Russia when it comes to gas imports. That is why we joined the North Sea Route, the Baltic Sea pipeline, we have an LNG terminal and signed an agreement with the United States to supply LNG. The former minister said.

Another important shape for Ukraine is the so-called Lublin Triangle, created by Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine.

“It is a smaller but very useful coordination for Ukraine to conduct consultations in the area of ​​security, economic cooperation and solve some historical problems,” said Chabutovic.

He stressed that Ukraine cannot fully participate in some federations because it is limited to European Union member states, but it can be granted observer status.

The United States is one of the observers, the other is Germany. Ukraine would fit well in such a form – Chaputovich summed up.