British intelligence has confirmed that at least one T-90M tank, a Russian tank in the latest version, was destroyed in Ukraine. As we read in the British press release, rebuilding the Russian army to what it was before February 24 will be very expensive and difficult, and also because of the sanctions imposed on Russia.

British intelligence, which provides daily information on the situation in Ukraine, said that the Russians lost “at least one” of the T-90M tank.

“The T-90M was introduced in 2016. It has improved armor, an improved cannon and satellite navigation systems. About 100 of these tanks are currently used by the best-equipped units of the Russian army, including those fighting in Ukraine.” Read a press release.

According to the intelligence, the aggression against Ukraine “has a strong impact on some of Russia’s most talented units and their advanced capabilities.”

“Rebuilding the Russian armed forces after this conflict will take a long time and be very costly. It will be especially difficult to replace advanced equipment due to sanctions that restrict Russia’s access to sensitive microelectronic components,” she wrote.

“A few days after this shape was first observed in Ukraine”

A few days ago, the wreckage of the T-90M tank was identified by the authors of the Oryx blog, a team of specialists who keep statistics on the losses of the Ukrainian and Russian armies.

“Russia just lost its first T-90M tank near Kharkov. Its destruction occurred a few days after this variant was first discovered in Ukraine,” he wrote on Twitter.

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Main image source: Alexander Shcherbak / TASS / Forum