Half of the term could turn out to be a write-off due to heavy rains and strong winds expected across the UK.

The torrential rains, said to be a remnant of Hurricane Epsilon, are set to hit UK beaches by Wednesday – and we could see some snow next weekend.

But a new week starts off brightly after a very humid weekend.

The sun is expected to rain in the southeast and southwest on Monday, while rain will continue to the north.

The Brits are bracing themselves – winds of up to 70 mph are heading our way.

According to the State Department, wind and rain will soon turn into frost and snow Met office, Who keep an eye on conditions in Scandinavia that may spark winter conditions from early November.

It will be a very mixed week as the remnants of Hurricane Epsilon still linger

Lower pressure from the Atlantic will cause temperatures to drop with Scotland first hit.

winter weather It will then fall across Ireland and England as the month ends.

The BBC’s weather team suggested that wind and rain inevitably turn into sleet and snow.

And they expect: “Wet and windy for longer. Mid-month dry.”

“The weather appears to be unstable in early November, particularly across the northern half of the UK.

Some parts of Scotland may see snow soon …

…. but it would be soggy again first

“Areas of low pressure will be pushed east over the North Atlantic and into the UK, bringing rain and gusty winds off again.

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“Some rain on high ground in the north and west will fall in the form of frost, hail and sometimes snow.”

The Bureau of Meteorology report added that both hail and thunder are possible as of Wednesday.

The update comes after a weekend in which coastal areas were hit by torrential rains and winds of up to 50 miles per hour.

More rain is coming – but Monday will be clear for most people

The Bureau of Meteorology’s long-term forecast for November said: “For the rest of November, it will likely be a tale of two halves.

“It seems that the beginning of this period will witness the dominance of high pressure, which will lead to more stability than has been seen recently, especially in the south where any wet and stormy weather is likely to affect the northwest.

“Although confidence is declining at the end of November, it is likely to return to unstable autumn weather, with showers or longer spells of rain and strong winds punctuated by droughts.

“In general, temperatures are expected to be at or below average for this time of year.”


A windy day with showers across the UK with most places experiencing heavy showers at times. Rain may also combine with longer periods of rain in times of north and west. Some sun periods between showers as well.


The evening shower gradually lightens leaving a cool night with clear spells. Overcast weather and rain reach Northern Ireland, Wales and southwest England at the end of the night.

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Early rains over Northern Ireland and Wales and southwest England spread eastward and become confined to Scotland and eastern England at dusk. Successive showers in the south and west.

Outlook from Wednesday to Friday:

Instead of getting cold with heavy rain on Wednesday, this rain eases from the west later. It gets milder by the end of the week, although there is mostly rain, and heavier over the western hills.