A video circulated on the Internet where you can see the bridge collapse under the pressure of a truck and the vehicle falls into the water. The wooden bridge was only supported by ropes. In addition, at the time of entry, the structure was already unstable – the water level was so high that it was approaching the bridge.

The truck fell into the water

The recording shows the driver driving on a chassis of questionable strength. The bridge was literally suspended several dozen poison On a river whose water level rose after heavy rain. The bridge collapsed under the weight of the car, and the car fell into the White Argum River. Nothing happened to the driver, but the truck failed to get out of the water, according to Reuters.

Hanging made mainly of wood The bridge was built on the site of a road bridge damaged in a previous flood. Currently, the town of Arjum has a population of about 6,500 people kilometers From Moscow, they are isolated from the other side.

Destruction after the floods

It is not the only bridge damaged by the floods. The rising waters also inundated the Trans-Siberian Railway Bridge, halting traffic in that area. The bridge is in the Zabaikalsky district about 300 km from the border with China. The TASS news agency said about 650 homes were inundated with floods and five bridges were damaged as a result of heavy rains that hit the Zabekalsky district on Thursday. The emergency department said there were no fatalities.