In the US state of Florida, with the consent of both Republicans and Democrats, a law was passed under which social media platforms would be penalized for blocking the accounts of politicians. The bill is expected to be signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, an ally of former US President Donald Trump.

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According to the new law, social media will be able to suspend politicians’ accounts, but for only 14 days, and fines of PLN 250,000 will be imposed for exceeding this deadline. Dollars for each day of delay in returning the user to the platform.

The BBC reported that although the bill has passed in the state House and Senate, it can still be appealed in court. Tech companies want it to be revoked based on the United States’ First Amendment, which bans restrictions on freedom of religion, press, expression, petitions, and assembly.

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However, the law contains a clause that excludes companies “owners and operators of parks or entertainment complexes” from complying with this law, that is, The Walt Disney Company, which owns the famous theme park located in Orlando, Florida.

Trump has blocked his Twitter account and has been suspended on Facebook and YouTube since January, when supporters of the then head of state were attacked in Washington during his presidency. Since Trump left office, according to media reports, he has spent a lot of time in Florida and has maintained friendly relations with Governor DeSantis and other high-ranking Republicans in Florida.

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