behind sonakWho received 115 votes, appointed: Deputy Minister of International Trade Penny Mordaunt (82 votes) Foreign Minister Les Truss (71), former Deputy Minister of Equality Kimi Badenoch (58) and Chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee Tom Tugendhat (31). Thus, the latter withdrew from the fight.

The order of voting on Monday was the same as in the first two roundsimplemented last week, but note the narrowing of the gap between Mordaunt and Truss. The struggle for second place will likely be decided between them, because It seems certain that Sunak will qualify for the final.

last week mordaunt Unexpectedly, she became the preferred candidate in the election, while on Monday she received one vote less than the second round, which means she is losing momentum. He also lost some of his support in the opinion polls among the party’s ranks, where he had just days ahead of all potential rivals.

In the fourth round on Tuesday and in the fifth round on Wednesday, the members of the Parliamentary Club will vote again Conservative Party. In this way, two finalists will be selected, from whom the new leader will be chosen by all the members of this group. The winner will be announced on September 5th at the latest. He will automatically take over as Prime Minister, replacing Boris Johnson in that position.

The third debate between the candidates, in addition to the fourth vote, was scheduled for Tuesday. However, it was canceled after they first withdrew from it sonakand later Gears. This came in response to the unexpectedly sharp exchange of views between all the candidates in the second televised address on Sunday evening. This course of events has an increasingly strong influence on the image of the entire assembly.

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