Joe Biden visited the former German concentration camp in Dachau five years ago. In a book published later, he accused the museum management of falsifying history. The chief of the site of the monument was amazed.

In the concentration camp established near Munich in March 1933, at least 41.4 thousand people died as a result of executions, torture, disease and starvation. Prisoners.

In 2015 Biden came DachauTo show his 15-year-old granddaughter Finnegan “what people can do” – read in the latest issue of the weekly Der Spiegel. Former camp prisoner Max Mannheimer and museum president Gabriel Hammerman accompanied the US Vice President during his visit to the memorial.

In his book Promise Me. Hope on the Threshold of the Abyss, Biden wrote that the memorial site was “transformed” to mitigate its frustrating impact on visitors. The politician assured that he has a comparative scale because he went to the former camp several times, first in the 1980s with his son Beau, and then with his other son Hunter and daughter Ashley.


Joe Biden on Dachau: Where are the prisoner inscriptions?

As Biden notes, during his previous visits he saw names carved by inmates on wooden bed frames. In 2015 the beds are “clean” and the wooden elements are “freshly painted”. In his view, the “harsh details” have been toned down over time.

In a book that was ranked # 1 on America’s bestseller list for several weeks in 2017, Biden He strongly criticized the approach of German experts towards the gas chamber. In an earlier description, she claimed, it was stated that prisoners who were sent to death in the room were told that they were going to shower. At present, it is reported that the gassing of prisoners has occurred “only a few times” or not at all.

As Der Spiegel writes, after 1945 the area of ​​the former camp had already undergone multiple transformations. The Americans were held in German barracks suspected of Nazi crimes. Later, the Bavarian government housed displaced Czechoslovakians there. Then the barracks were demolished. The museum was not established until 1965. Two barracks were rebuilt to introduce visitors to the realities of the camp.


Museum launch

Hammerman believes Biden is like many others Your visitors, He had the illusion that he had original buildings in front of him, when it was a “museum display”.

As for the gas chamber, experts agree that the prisoners in Dachau were not subjected to mass gassing. It is believed that the SS killed several people during experiments with the use of combat gas. It’s hard to understand why someone gave Biden a different version of the events – the museum chief was surprised.

According to Spiegel, the opportunity to exchange views will definitely not run out. Biden declares in his book that he wants to show Dachau to all his granddaughters, and aside from Finnegan, he has six of them.


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