As it continues its increasingly desperate bid to keep the White House, Donald Trump He took to the stage in Michigan to announce to his loyal supporters that doctors were intentionally exaggerating deaths from the Coronavirus in order to get more money.

“Our doctors get more money if someone dies from Covid. Do you know that, right?” Mr. Trump falsely said, “I mean, our doctors are very smart people.”

The US President’s promotion of this conspiracy came amid a record escalation in cases of Coronavirus in America, which pushes hospitals to the edge of capacity and kills up to 1000 people per day.

The United States recorded 9 million cases on Friday, with nearly 229,000 deaths since the pandemic erupted early this year, according to a Reuters tally of publicly disclosed data.


Speaking to reporters as he boarded Air Force One on the first of four marches in Pennsylvania today, Donald Trump said: “It will be a very interesting Tuesday … a big red wave has formed,” despite the fact that a Fox News poll was Show him down eight points nationwide.

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Tom Embry DennisOctober 31, 2020 15:25


Donald Trump outlines what is likely to be an attempt to claim personal credit in a US military operation in which forces on Saturday morning rescued an American citizen who had been taken hostage last week in Niger.

A Pentagon spokesman said earlier this morning: “US forces carried out a hostage rescue operation during the early hours of October 31 in northern Nigeria to retrieve an American citizen who had been taken hostage by a group of militants.”

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Biden is seeking to climb the mountain peak after decades in American politics

Joe Biden, an indispensable player in US politics for half a century as a senator and vice president, is seeking to complete a long ascent to the summit of the political mountain that includes two failed presidential attempts by defeating President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

If Biden defeats the Republican president, a colleague of his seventies, the 77-year-old Democrat from Delaware will become the oldest person to be elected to the White House ever.

Biden sought to portray his political experience as a benefit, as he set himself up as a leader tested in the tasks of healing a nation hit by the Coronavirus pandemic and providing stability after the turmoil in the Trump presidency.

By accepting the Democratic presidential nomination in August, Biden emphasized sympathy and decency, in an effort to contrast with the feisty Mr. Trump.

“I will be an ally of the light, not the dark,” said Mr. Biden.

Mr Trump mocked him as a “sleepy Joe” and said his mental capacity was “hit” when the president’s allies sought to portray Biden as old.

If elected, Biden will turn 78 at inauguration on January 20. Trump, 74, was the oldest person to hold the presidency when he was sworn in at age 70 in 2017.

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A new study in Stanford estimated that 18 Trump rallies resulted in 700 deaths from the coronavirus – and that was just rallies through September. He has done much, much more since then, with the majority of those in attendance failing to wear masks.

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A Biden campaign event has been canceled as “armed” Trump supporters threatened the campaign bus

Local Democrats said they were forced to halt a meeting that was to be held in Pleugerville – a small town 17 miles north of Austin – due to “security reasons.”

It came as the vice presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, completed a whistle-blowing tour of three cities in the Lone Star state in a last-minute bid to get votes.

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One in five believes Covid-19 is a “ population escape plan orchestrated by the United Nations ” amid a disturbing rise in conspiracy theories.

Amid a disturbing rise in the number of conspiracy theories that have rooted in the US population, a new survey finds that nearly one in five people believes the coronavirus pandemic is a “population elimination tactic.”

Around 19 percent of adults across the country agree that “Covid-19 was intentionally launched as part of a ‘population evacuation’ plan organized by the United Nations or the New World Order,” according to new survey data shared exclusively with The Independent by HOPE. Hate (Hnh), a non-profit anti-extremism organization.

The survey of 5,500 people also found that nearly a quarter of Americans (23 percent) who were asked believed that it was, for sure, or perhaps true, that the Covid-19 vaccine “would be used harmfully to infect people with the toxin.”

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The White House released a bizarre document entitled “National Day of Commemoration in Memory of Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens, 2020”.

In it, Donald Trump claims to specifically honor Americans who have been killed by “illegal aliens”. The number of murders committed by illegal immigrants in the United States is very small compared to the US murders against Americans, which in turn pale compared to the number of daily deaths from the Corona virus.

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For months now, the president has been incorrectly assuring Americans that the country is “nearing a turn” on Covid-19.

At a rally on Sunday in North Carolina, for example, he said: “We are approaching the turn, and our numbers are incredible.” The next day after new daily coronavirus infections recorded a record of 83,757 people, indicating entry into the United States. The frightening “third wave” of the disease.

Now according to an analysis from Vox, the president’s handling of the coronavirus in states that have seen major surges in Covid is starting to affect poll numbers, even among Republicans who previously supported him.

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Donald Trump began tweeting on Saturday citing one of his supporters claiming that Barack Obama “did nothing” for blacks.

Then the US president insists that he paid “millions” in taxes after the New York Times reported that he paid only $ 750 in income tax in two consecutive years as president, and there was nothing at all in the number of years before that.

Then he claims without proof that Joe Biden would add to the number of US Supreme Court justices if he became president. Biden had already said he would set up a bipartisan commission to look into the case after Trump’s Republicans forced a right-wing judge just days before the election.

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NBC’s Jeff Bennett provided a summary of Joe Biden’s pressure in Michigan to woo black voters just days before the election. To help, he’s tied up with Barack Obama, who remains hugely popular nationally.

This clip also refutes Donald Trump’s dangerous and false allegations about Biden, and doctors are inflating the death figures from the Corona virus in order to obtain more money.

Tom Embry DennisOctober 31, 2020 12:35