Marianne Kowalski is convinced that homosexuality is an ideology. As evidence of his claims, he quoted the words “communism” and “Nazism”, which have the same ending to the word formation. Polish Radio 24 quoted his statement on Twitter, which added that in this way, “she is trying to enter protective colors through the back door. But it will not succeed.”

Language proficiency of the former vice president National movement It did not arouse the confidence of Internet users. The network was washed down with a flurry of cringe comments. Most people notice that the word “homosexuality” is the word “heteroseksualizm(In other words, there should not be greater equality between approaches to sexual orientation.)

Others were racing to find words ending in -ism, which could be commentary on speech. The politician is accused not only of “nationalism” but also of “cremation.” We decided to ask an expert for a comment. As Professor Jerzy Pralczyk told us, Marian Kowalski’s argument on this issue is Far-reaching simplification.

Sometimes doctrines, especially if they are associated with titles, may have an ideological character (Stalinism, Trotskyism), but here too it is not clear. The suffix -ism is multifunctional. It is also related to currents and some philosophical concepts, not necessarily ideologies – Linguist translates.

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