US President Donald Trump refused to denounce a law at NBC City Hall on Thursday

Donald Trump returned to the campaign track after his NBC town hall to call Today Show host Savannah Guthrie as “totally crazy” in her attempts to calm the event, calling the president a “crazy person’s uncle”.

Trump called Joe Biden, the head of the “Organized Crime Family” with Hunter Biden, turning his famous father into a “void” of millions of dollars to enrich the family.

Rants were delivered at a seniors event in Florida, where Trump promised seniors would be number one in a coronavirus vaccine, and would also receive free trial treatment for the president, which made waking up asking, “Who? Can I fight today?”


The woman spread out widely to complement Trump’s smile during City Hall will continue to vote for Biden

“I think the guy has a very nice smile;” Bullette Dale said the day after she appeared widely in Trump City Hall. “There was no reason not to comment on that.” Smiles matter to me. I like nice teeth. “

But she will vote for Joe Biden.

The Independent Oliver O’Connell finds out why.

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Didi endorses Joe Biden for presidency and launches ‘Our Black Party’ political group

Didi endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election and launched a political commission aimed at meeting the needs of blacks.

“The people who bear the most responsibility and should fear this man’s death are white. We are on the brink of a race war.”

The story tells Clemens Michelon.

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Watch: “ Jail him, lock him up, lock him up ” – Trump crowd gives Biden the Clinton treatment

Trump laughs as a crowd in Florida calls to Hunter Biden

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Trump approaches the corner in the Florida campaign rally

The president has been talking for an hour now, so he should get wind soon. Or talk for another hour. It can go either way.

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Watch: Trump repeats his favorite narration that Omar married her brother

Trump claims that the congresswoman married her brother and hates our country

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Trump again citing New York timesSuddenly it’s not fake news, on optimism about the Coronavirus

Events went faster than I thought possible. I became cautiously optimistic. Experts say, with real confidence, that the epidemic in the United States will end much sooner than they expected, possibly by the middle of next year.

right Now

Read the story in question written by Donald J. McNeill Jr.

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A look at the Trump crowd in Florida

Via White House Correspondent Jordan Fabian.

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Trump impersonating Biden said during ABC Town Hall: “Did you see last night that he had to take out the piece of paper, 200 million, it’s not a big deal, 200 let’s see, uh.”

“I’m not allowed to take out the paper, right? Does he let me take out the paper and start reading? Very amazing huh. So amazing. He tore that paper up, you know why he’s doing that, because it’s not working very well.”

Fact Check: Trump pulled out a paper during his NBC city council.

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Trump said the defendants behind the Michigan governor’s kidnapping plot are ‘some people do anything’

Turning his focus to Gretchen Whitmer, Trump said the men accused of plotting to kidnap her “do whatever.”

Trump said: “We caught some people doing anything, and we will discover everything that is going on around him, and then she said that it was my fault, and my people were the ones who caught them, and it was Trump’s mistake, and always Trump’s mistake.”

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Trump backs off the script for a minute

School selection, immigration, second amendment, closure.

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