• The report of the Smolensk Subcommittee contains about 300 pages. He was accepted on August 10 secretly. Even the families of Smolensk were not informed of this, writes Gazeta.pl
  • We asked for comment on Barbara Nowacka, daughter of Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka. – I can’t rule out that someone sent me a letter, but I don’t know because I haven’t checked the paper mail lately
  • I am afraid that the conclusions are possible insofar as a plane crash without a plane is investigated – says Magdalena Merta
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We asked for comment on Barbara Nowacka, daughter of Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka. – I don’t know anything about telling me. I can’t rule out that someone sent me a letter, but I don’t know because I haven’t checked the paper mail recently. I can’t rule out that something didn’t come to me, but I hear the first thing to be honest. I can not comment on the report that I do not know – Barbara Novaka said in an interview with Onet.

How does he evaluate the work of the subcommittee headed by Anthony Maserevich? – You cannot judge something that does not work perfectly, but only takes money from the common class and deals with propaganda for the benefit of the rulers, which has nothing to do with propaganda with the truth. First, they made policy about the Smolensk disaster, after which a group of skeptics continued to make money – says Novaka.

Mirta: I don’t think what the report will contain will surprise me

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We also asked Magdalena Mirta, the widow of the Deputy Minister of Culture, to comment on the matter. – It seems to me that what happened was that this report was passed inside the committee. However, it was not published and therefore not passed on to families. Two days ago, it appears that the subcommittee has ended its life and with a report its work has ceased and the team has been dissolved – he says in an interview with Onet.

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We are waiting for publication. I hope it will come soon, especially since this report has been ready for several months, Anthony Maserevich announced. Pandemic prevented. Perhaps the situation today will be the same, and it will be difficult to organize a meeting with us for this reason – adds Magdalena Mirta.

How would you rate the performance of the subcommittee? I am happy that the work has been completed and the position has been identified. This removes from the commission the error of failure he had, given the length of these search procedures. To tell the truth, given the fact that I tried to continuously follow all the results, I do not think that what will be included in the report will surprise me – he says.

– I am afraid that the results are as feasible as possible for the investigation of a plane crash without a plane. This wreck seems to me to be the main clue, if it still is. Let’s remember that 11 and a half years ago the plane was going downhill with the Russians. We will certainly read and carefully analyze this report, or we will raise any doubts, summarizes Magdalena Mirta.

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Macierewicz’s report has been received secretly

The fact that the Smolensk Subcommittee adopted the final report of the investigation into the 10 April 2010 crash was the first report published by wPolityce. Gazeta.pl stated that the process of approving the report raises doubts even within the subcommittee itself.

The site also claims that the Smolensk families were not informed of the adoption and content of the report, and that they do not believe in the veracity of the subcommittee’s findings.

“Since May, a couple of the most committed Smolensk families have gone to Nowogrodzka Street to meet with Jaroslav Kaczynski, head of the PiS. Jadwiga Gusevska, mother of the late Deputy Prime Minister Przemyslav Gusevsky, was among the initiators. Relying on Macierewicz for several years, this year she asked His resignation directly. Macierewicz “- writes Gazeta.pl.

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