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With the 2020 presidential election entering its final term, a former adviser to Barack Obama said that Donald Trump appeared “alarmed” by the appearance of the 44th president in Biden’s recent campaign, saying the Republican was “obsessed with the fact that his presidency is pales in comparison to the previous one.”

The proposal comes as the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to Donald Trump’s campaign on Wednesday by giving North Carolina a long deadline for mail-counting ballots, giving the state until November 12 to account for its overall and overrun Republican objections in the state’s victory. Democrats thought to be more likely to vote in the mail.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign in Wisconsin is reported to have lost $ 2.3 million in the hacking operation. The news comes one day after the Biden referendum, 17 points ahead in swing.


A former aide says Obama is “shaking” Trump

“He let Obama go around obsessed with the fact that his presidency pales in comparison to the previous president,” said Ben Lapult, a former Obama aide. “He lives in a fantasy land.”

Greg Graziosi talks about how a former Democratic president appeared – at times – to live for free in Donald Trump’s head, here:

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The majority of Americans want a national mandate over face coverings

A new poll shows that the majority of Americans want to delegate a national mask in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

When asked about mandate for the nation’s mask in the United States, 58 percent agreed that there should be a mandate while 22 percent opposed, according to an exclusive report. Independent survey With JL Partners.

Additionally, there was a dividing line among supporters of Donald Trump, who believed the mask mandate should be enforced, with 39 percent agreeing to one versus 38 percent who disagreed.

Daniel Zewellner reports:

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Mark Meadows pledges coronavirus announcements in the coming weeks

Trump’s chief of staff made a remarkably optimistic about the president’s hopes for re-election CBS this morningAnd exciting to voters by the argument that granting the president a second term would deprive them of the Covid vaccine in return, saying it in the simplest possible terms.

Isn’t that another trade-off?

“Sure, you can get your vaccine. I need you to do me a favor even though …”

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Hackers steal $ 2.3 million from Trump’s re-election fund, according to the Republican Party

The President of the Wisconsin Republican Party (RWP), Andrew Heat, said that the aforementioned suspicious activity was observed on October 22 and that the FBI is now investigating.

“There is no doubt that RPW is now at a disadvantage due to the loss of this money,” Heet said, explaining that the party and the campaign need money late in the race to make quick decisions.

Oliver O’Connell has the latest news on this developing story.

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Majority of Americans think Trump is ‘divisive, dangerous, and racist’

According to Hope Not Hate’s new statements shared exclusively with The IndependentFifty-eight percent of respondents said the president is “divisive and dangerous” and 57 percent believe he is racist.

Louise Boyle reports this.

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Trump on Twitter, video of a pro he calls ‘the best thing since cutting bread’

Well, I’m not really sure about this, but you can’t deny this flirty fellow to your party line.

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Eric Trump is complaining about his low likes on social media

Speaking of the grievances of right-wing technology, the middle son of the humble president has something to say.

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Three things we learned from the last Big Tech Senate hearing

The chief executives of Facebook, Twitter and Google faced questioning from US senators on Wednesday demanding answers on why they reported and monitored some posts but not others, with Republicans claiming bias against conservatives.

Griffin Connolly has this report on what happened.

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Officials working as part of the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force have reportedly said they felt offended by the White House who claimed to have successfully ended the coronavirus pandemic.

Someone said, “There is no scientist who can believe this to be true.” The Daily Beast. “Maybe the president. But I don’t even see how he can believe it. We have more than 70,000 new cases every day.”

James Crump Report.

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