Throughout the United States, there is a heated debate about vaccine certification.

While Republican state governors block the Covid passport requirement and want Americans back to their normal lives, Democrats under the “new normal” are pushing for the introduction of special documents. Florida Governor Ronald DeSantis Objects It also forces Americans to show that they have tested negative for the coronavirus.

Cruz: Stop the health class

Senator Ted Cruz believes the federal government should ban passports for vaccines. “I think there’s a real potential to stay ahead of government action, and I don’t think anyone should be forced to get the vaccine.” It should be a personal choice. You have to make a decision based on your health, and make the decision you want to – he said on air from Fox and Friends.

The politician noted that discriminating against employees on the grounds that they did not want to vaccinate themselves should be considered illegal. This law also prohibits discrimination in employment. We see places where employers say: If you don’t get vaccinated, we’ll fire you. It must be illegal. Your decision is up to you. The Republican made clear that it is not your president, your government, or anyone else who should force you to make such decisions.


At the same time, the Republican senator expressed concern that the bill to prevent the issuance of vaccines passports won the support of the parties, because the administration of Joe Biden did not clearly specify the position of the President in this regard.

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