– father Once She is the first in the history of Tunisia, a woman will guide rz ± dem – He said quoting CNN President Qais Saeed. He said that the appointment of Boden’s two sons as prime minister is “an honor for Tunisia and Tunisian women.” As confirmed by the American station CNN, she will also be the first female prime minister in the Arab world.

The new Tunisian prime minister comes from the city of Cairo, south of Tunis. Boden, 63, is a professor of geology and lecturer in the national capital schools engineering. He also worked in the Ministry of Higher Education for 10 years.

Crisis in Tunisia

Boden’s two sons take office at a time of political and economic crisis. Two months ago, the president took over almost all power in the country, what opponents call a “coup”. Said froze, among other things, the work of Parliament and dismissed the ministers of the previous government. Last week, he announced that he intends to comply only partially with the constitution in force since 2014.

Tunisian society is divided. Some support the president’s actions, believing that this is the only way to counteract the failure of the state. Opponents talk about the return of authoritarianism. The “coup” also caused concern in the international public opinion, which calls for the restoration of democratic standards and the gains of the “Arab Spring”.

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Shadow of the Arab Spring

The “Arab Spring” swept the Middle East and North Africa region in 2011. Tunisia also attended. The people of the country overthrew the authoritarian rule of General Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. A democratic system was introduced that did not, however, live up to the expectations of most Tunisians. The political situation was unstable and the country was suffering from the cancer of corruption and unemployment. Disagreements between the tourist coast and the rest of the country also grew. The situation has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic that has hit tourism Many Tunisians were taken from their only source of livelihood.

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