Dark Lord is a Polish studio that came up with an interesting idea. Combining gameplay with GTA 2, the developers add a cyberpunk atmosphere to everyone and introduce Glitchpunk players. Check out our first trailer for game details.

Glitchpunk is an action game set in the cyberpunk world, however, it reminds players of Rockstar’s great production. The creators are drawing quite a few from GTA 2 and intend to add the element to the Early Access program in the first half of 2021. From February 3 to 9, interested parties will be able to check out a demo as part of the Games Festival on Steam.

Dark Lord Studio will allow players to play a flawed Android, which not only has to fight with its own software but also wants to confront authoritarian governments and mega-corporations in a bleak future.

The game will feature 12 gangs with their own stories, aggressive police or a non-linear story. The creators assure that every mission in Glitchpunk can take place in an unexpected way. Players will have access to different weapons, the latest technology or cars – we will use everything to fight opponents. Nothing stands in the way of improving the hero, and the position itself will also include some more serious topics – the situation is also a story about transhumanism, xenophobia and religion.

The hero can influence the world around him, make new friends or simply eliminate new goals. These are the features of the game:

  • Brutal action with top-down vision and powerful arsenal of weapons.
  • A system to penetrate the minds of passers-by and influence various elements.
  • Various transportation options including trains, tanks, motorcycles, buses, trucks and of course tons of cars.
  • Insane police chases and 10 levels of chaos escalation.
  • 12 gangs have their own stories, questions, and culture.
  • 4 different cities, from remote corners of the United States to the cyber Soviet Union, are overwhelmed by a post-nuclear winter.
  • A mature story with many endings.
  • A rare mix of patterns, with 2D engravings in a 3D environment.
  • Own radio stations, play music from all over the world and broadcast silly ads.
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Also check out the latest trailer. Glitchpunk is coming to my computer.