Miranda Bryant Reports:

The United States has recorded more than a million cases of the new Coronavirus in the past 10 days alone as the national total exceeded 10 million cases amid a widespread increase – while Texas On Wednesday he became the first to record a million cases as a country.

The higher numbers came as experts warned that despite successful vaccines emerging, the White House appears to be doing little to contain a pandemic that has become increasingly out of control.

“In the past two months, I’ve seen the federal government basically throw the towel away,” said Ashish Jha, dean of the School of Public Health at Brown University. NBC Wednesday morning.

He added, “There were no new directives, and a very little effort from the federal government, and I think this definitely contributes to an increase in forces nationwide.”

Figures from Johns Hopkins University showed that the country’s daily cases rose steadily throughout November, recording a total of 1,129,463 cases in the past ten days alone.

Meanwhile, Texas, America’s second most populous state, has recorded 1,010,364 cases of infection since the start of the epidemic in March and 19,337 deaths.

No other state alone has reached the million mark. And in New York, which was the world’s worst Covid-19 hotspot during the initial series of US cases in the spring, then used restrictions to crush the infection, infection rates are now rising again.

The social networking site FacebookTwitterPinterestPedestrians wearing face masks march in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, New York, on November 10. Photography: Gabriella Bhaskar / Bloomberg / Getty Images

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“People are tired” of taking precautions, Jha said, even as warnings abound that family gatherings during the fast approaching holiday season become sporadic events.

He added that despite what appears to be good news that the world is on the cusp of approving successful vaccines, all Americans are You can expect To be vaccinated relatively soon.

He said: “We are about three to six months away from a vaccine being widely available, people need to survive … We are very close to overcoming the virus.”

But he warned that in the meantime, Americans should restrict Thanksgiving plans at the end of November. He said, “It’s a little heartbreaking, because it can’t be a normal Thanksgiving.”

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