In what will soon be a show of Marvel character Tony Stark wearing his high-tech armored suit to transform into Iron Man and fly away in the sky over tall skyscrapers, a famous Austrian was spotted not wearing the same fairy suit but a wing suit while drifting over mountain peaks.

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Professional parachute jumper and basic bird, Peter Salzman, Who also spends his time being a champ, athletic scientist, parachute trainer and Tandempilot, is often seen wearing a winged suit slithering alongside mountains and hovering over trees before finally opening his parachute to land on the ground, which is exactly what he lives for.

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However, in his pursuit to achieve this for a long period of time while sailing faster in the air, Salzman teamed up with the German giant car giant BMW, to fulfill his dream for which the company provided him with an electric suit made for this purpose only.

According to Steve Schrader, L. CD player – “Salzman has teamed up with BMW i and BMW’s Designworks agency to create an electrically operated thrust that allows him to fly longer than any basic jacket wearing a wing suit.”

Wingsuit Base Jumping is a popular form of sport in which a participant flies through the air using a winged jumpsuit that adds surface area to a person, enabling them to increase lift dramatically.

According to Electrek, unlike regular winged suits that allow base jumpers to reach speeds of around 62 mph (100 km / h), the suit The Salzmann provides it with the ability to achieve speeds of up to 186 mph (300 km / h).

“The innovative drive unit and newly designed suit were entirely developed in collaboration between BMW i, Designworks and professional wing suit pilot Peter Salzmann from Austria,” BMW Group In a media release.

For Salzmann to drive him, the electric motor allows the impeller beam to be close to his body without being irritated or dirty.

“It took three years to develop the twin propellers made of carbon-fiber 5 inches wide after Salzman and one of our primary jumping advisors thought of an additional engine as a way to lengthen the jump,”

Each impeller rotates at 25,000 rpm and has an output of 15 kW. The package is powered by a 50V lithium battery and the entire package weighs around 26 lbs. “The frame of the canister is made of aluminum and carbon fiber to keep it as light and comfortable as possible in flight,” says Schrader.

Prior to the flight, several beam prototypes were tested in wind tunnels, before it was realized that the suit required additional air inlets to feed sufficient air into the impeller.

Earlier, Salzman’s plan included jumping over a group of three skyscrapers in South Korea, while drifting to the height of the lower skyscrapers before rising above the tallest of the three using defenses, however, Salzman had to take the test in Austria itself due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But all the hard work paid off, as BMW released an impressive video in which Salzman can be seen descending from a helicopter 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) over a group of three mountains in Australia called the Three Brothers.

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According to a statement issued by BMW GroupAnd the

“The amazing movie, which will be seen for the first time in the run-up to #NEXTGen 2020, impressively shows how BMW eDrive technology is able to make a lasting difference to the single mobility experience – not just on the road.”

Salzman is joined by two traditional suit operators in the video. Lucia Papadopoulos, writes L. Interesting geometry, Says – “all three headers of a mountain peak but other wing operators are forced to fly around it”

Salzmann, on the other hand, speeds up and winds the top. This is an impressive achievement that must be seen to be believed. “