Sometimes we are convinced that unless I learn something in matters of faith, I cannot do it. this is not true.

Of course, workshop, skills, knowledge and practice are important. However, in matters of faith, knowing that it is God who guides us in everything and that in the end he gives us growth, the most important is openness and desire. When I wish with all my heart, God will do the rest. I notice this beautiful and fruitful work that God has done especially in people who are often newly converted, who do not attribute the fruits of the gospel to their abilities and talents, but simply go to their workplace and home and say how Jesus changed their lives. I remember a woman who was looking for a spiritual guide came into the office two years ago.

She wanted to take her own life, and be more involved in a life of faith that has faded away a bit in recent years. She happened to be with me, so I offered to meet her. This person began to regularly visit the shrine of Our Lady of Chełm, recognizing and deepening her knowledge in spiritual conversations. From the beginning I saw in her great obedience to God and guide, and despite various difficulties, she lives the experience of God’s love.

And most interestingly, after several meetings, she asked if she could bring her friend so that she could also confess and talk about God. It happened. After a while, she brought her brother, and then her brother, her friend. Then the girls among their friends began to meditate on the word of God, and the family began to talk about God during various meetings. Everyone around us was amazed. I witnessed this situation and glorified God who touched these people beautifully. How wonderful the gospel was passed down, from person to person, with no oratory skills, no amazing biblical knowledge, no evangelistic courses. But this is how God works when we become a tool in his hands. Faith and desire suffice and God is the rest.

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I remember meeting the aforementioned brother of the person who started the evangelical meltdown. The meeting was difficult, although the conversation was very encouraging. We have touched upon many difficult topics in the field of theology, as the axes maneuver between theology, epistemology, and metaphysics. I did what I could, I used different arguments. The meeting went on for a long time, but it did not end with any confession or intercession, and nothing could satisfy me as a priest.

In human terms, I felt a loss that I could not bear, and could speak more of God’s love. A week later, I met his sister, and asked him if the brother had said anything after the meeting. And she replied, “When the brother came home, he first said only one sentence – I would like to know what God this priest believes in.” This sentence hit me on the floor. After all, nothing happened my way. It is true that sometimes God gives external consolation, that priestly work is not lost, that something worked, that someone helped him, but often you can see tangible results. However, in this case, in human terms, I did nothing.

However, I had a desire to help this boy, and God took her. Moreover, as I wrote above, the Dominoes of the Good News were falling on the following people.

Father Pawe Gołofit in his book Transforming Emptiness into Emptiness invites us to consider ourselves, into the inner void that bears our name. However, the point is not to passively observe it, but rather to mature in and in it for change.

What is a void? Most of us would probably answer at the first moment: Void is nothing. However, when we think for a moment, we will see that emptiness is really a possibility, a lot of possibility, an opportunity!

Imagine you got a new house that was just built. How is he doing? Exactly, empty. But thanks to this, we can freely arrange them, arrange them, choose the color of the walls, decide what furniture will be in them, etc. How sexy! True? And that is exactly what the author encourages us to do. It shows us how many possibilities God opens before us, and gives us his love with which we can decorate our interior. Just as an empty room can become the most comfortable bedroom, the emptiness of our lives can become the most beautiful space to meet God.

However, for this to happen, Father. Pawe teaches us the principles of this spiritual interior design, and his textbook is the most important textbook in the world – the Bible. We can take the title very literally – as we read it, we transform our temporary emptiness into a space to meet with an author who constantly inspires us, alluding to biblical and historical events, cultural texts and personal experiences. It teaches us, but it does not guide us. And herein lies the full power of this book – Father Bowie does not tell us how to live, but shows how others live and what consequences they have brought. This is what Gideon’s story was used for – we have a choice, we can avoid an unfortunate fate. We can become changeable, we are changing, it is within us.

It is sufficient (only and in equal measure) to invite God into our void, and then it will become a space for the work of love, a space for life, encounters with the Most High, an unlimited space, just as the glory of God is unlimited.

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Here’s a great idea: take a look at the inspiring story of the warrior Gideon and in this way invite contemporary readers to… Inventory of Life! And to turn a hopeless void into a life-giving space – full of opportunities and possibilities! The author – with the Bible in hand – encourages us to change our thinking. However, he does not put himself in the role of a teacher and threatens with his finger.

He is a witness: he points out his own steps that he is still patiently taking on the path of personal transformation. And they inspire in an interesting way – their stories are intertwined with expressive quotes from films and books. However, it stems primarily from the richness of God’s word and from the depth of the Church’s teaching. It is a linguistic and cultural curiosity from the world of the Bible and Israel.

Thanks to this brief reading, you can – like Gideon – hear God’s voice again: “The Lord is with you!” Or you can direct your life of faith better than the hero of the Bible! Because you will find out how it ended. You have an opinion about yourself. You can confront them with what God thinks of you! Thanks to this change the way you look at yourself, at the Lord, at the world … to continue to victory in life with God’s help!

Michel Nekodim, leader of the Hafsiya group

The article contains an excerpt from the book Transforming Void into Space. The Story of Gideon. Ed. Somos. More on the book: a look