Practically all day Friday, the people of England had to contend with the power of the element. The UK Met Office has issued a second red weather warning, indicating an immediate danger to life. It covered the southeastern part of the country. Several hours earlier, the same warning was issued for the southwestern regions of England.

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The power of the element is clearly visible in the recordings that appear en masse on social media. One shows the district of South London, near East Croydon railway station. You can see how the gusty winds hit the people walking in the street.

The cyclone and its strong winds are also causing a lot of problems at London Heathrow Airport. Amateur recordings have appeared in the media showing the big problems they face Planes When landing and maneuvering on the runway.

In general, London can be defined as the epicenter of the impact of a cyclone. In other user recordings, you can see that strong winds carried individual items away in front of homes, such as litter boxes. The element also destroyed part of the roof of the O2 entertainment hall.

England does not have to face a strong element alone. High winds also affected the Netherlands, where a truck failed to encounter it on a highway, causing it to capsize, impeding the movement of other drivers.

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As Eunice hit Poland

Tornado Eunice It is another depression in recent days that formed in the Atlantic Ocean and brought very strong winds. It heads east and hits Poland at night from Friday to Saturday. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued Class II and III warnings of strong winds across the country.

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