in a new site Located Information on research funding sources and communication with grant-granting institutions. They will appear in the news, among other things, information on issues of cooperation between science and business. On the other hand, the “Bank of Initiatives” will develop organically and will contain descriptions of cases and initiatives that entrepreneurs are undertaking with the scientific community. Those interested will be able to post announcements regarding the establishment of cooperation. Materials and invitations for planned courses and conferences will also appear on the site. Entrepreneurs and interested parties will also be able to follow the Defender activity carried out through the work of the science and business collaboration teamwork and through collaboration with universities.

Despite the incentives, the level of innovation of Polish companies is declining>>

The site design was developed by a working team of the Entrepreneur Council for Science and Business Cooperation, appointed by the Ombudsman for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, headed by an entrepreneur with many years of experience, Irenes Chugovsky.

– I realize there are many similar initiatives, but we know the problems of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and we know we need a place to be a springboard for them, source Knowledge – Banner to follow. This is how we see our role – says Adam Abramovich, spokesperson for SMEs.

The speaker confirms that It relies on collaboration with the community of scholars and entrepreneurs in creating a dedicated and open website for collaboration and joint initiatives.

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The content of the site is moderated by Marek Watch, General Manager of the Office of the Ombudsman for Small and Medium Enterprises.