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New trees and squares, comfortable sidewalks, a water mirror and a holding tank in the location of the existing car tunnel at the Wiecha Pass under Marszałkowska. The area of ​​Zlota and Zgoda Streets will change as part of the new Warsaw Centre.

– We have analyzed an architectural competition for the concept of space development in the heart of Śródmieście. This is the next stage of major changes planned as part of the new Warsaw Centre. It will be greener, safer and more comfortable for pedestrians and cyclists. We want the Warsaw Center to become climate-resilient. We will also organize parking lots – said Rafai Trzaskovsky, Mayor of Warsaw.

For the first time, the competition was unlimited in two stages

The competition was unlimited in two stages. The city used this mode for the first time. In the first phase, participants submitted 23 study studies. The jury invited six teams to the second stage, which was to draw up their proposals after taking into account the comments of experts. Participants submitted five entries into the competition. The jury evaluated them from November 8 to 9.

We remove architectural barriers and improve safety and aesthetics in the city center. We want to transform the area covered by competition in a way that ensures access to people with reduced mobility and cognition. There will be more green space in line with the concept of the new center being implemented by Mayor Rafai Trzaskowski – adds Marlina Hbach, city architect.

Four prizes and one honorable mention in the competition

In the Zlota District and Zgoda Street competition, 1st, 2nd, 2nd and 3rd equal prizes and 1 honorable mention were awarded. The city has earmarked 150,000 for the prize pool. zloty.

  • 1st Prize – Work No. 4 (80,000 PLN) by RS Architecture of Landscape Dorota
    Rudawa – Constantine – Gisorna
  • 2nd Prize – Work No. 5 (40,000 PLN) by JAZ + ARCHITEKCI ŻMIJEWSKI JAWORSKI SPÓŁKA CYWILNA – Warsaw
  • Two equal prizes – entries 1 and 2 (12.5 thousand PLN each)
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Work No. 1: Patrick Gwiesda, David Jarosz and Przemyslaw Timochok – Warsaw
Work No. 2: JUVENES – PROJEKT Sp. Z xx – Warsaw

• Excellence – Work No. 3 (5000 PLN) by S&P ARCHITEKTURA KRAJOBRAZU Sp. z oo – Otmuchów

The 13-member competition jury decided to award the prizes. It was ruled, inter alia, by Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of the capital from Warsaw. Its chairman was Marlena Hbach, city engineer and director of the Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning. Many experts from outside the city structures and representatives of municipal units participated in the jury.

First prize. Squares, green spaces, water and various attractions

The authors of work No. 4 won the first prize, writing in the introduction to their work that this part of the center in the area of ​​Zuta and Zgoda Street is potentially very attractive. But it is currently a degraded area and almost entirely subject to parking needs.

The winning concept is an attractive green public space rich in nature. Plans include 167 trees and demarcate approximately 3,000 square meters of green space with perennials and shrubs.

The authors hypothesized that most parking needs could be provided in an underground garage below Powstańców Warszawy yard. The city has already signed a contract with Immo Park Warszawa to design and build it. The facility will be set up in the form of a concession, a type of public-private partnership. The car park with a capacity of about 86 million PLN should be ready in 2024. It will immediately become the property of the city. The manager of the facility will prepare subscriptions for the local population in its offer. The construction of an underground car park under the Powstańców Warszawy Square will allow the designation of green and comfortable spaces for pedestrians, residents and cyclists in the adjacent streets and squares, which are now occupied by cars. Traffic on Zlota and Zagoda Streets will be significantly reduced and quieted. The so-called Residence and Tempo 30 areas with entry mainly for technical supplies and vehicles. At the same time, in this area, a large number of above-ground parking spaces, intended primarily for residents or supply services, will be kept in the new arrangement.

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Gold without a tunnel, with a square and a water level

The authors of the work, which won the first prize, propose to liquidate the tunnel in the Mujahideen axis. zloty. The site could then be used to build an underground reservoir to store rainwater. In the central part of the square on the ul. Złota, next to the Wiecha Pass, there will be a place for a shallow water tank. The Palace of Culture and Science will be effectively reflected in the longitudinal water surface. Rows of trees along the Zota River will emphasize the axis of the palace’s width.

Instagram Square in front of the house under the eagles

A representative yard will be built in front of the house under the eagles. It is slated to be a green space for a historic building. The green spaces will be arranged in a way that emphasizes the important views and directs the eye to the beautiful architecture. Decorative deduction and seating will create an inviting space for relaxation. This place is intended to encourage people to relax and take pictures (in the description we read – “instagram place”).

Emil Moinarski Square in front of the National Philharmonic Orchestra

Today it is a car park, and in the future an arena and a music park will be built. The authors advertise multi-row plantings and tall shrubs that can be isolated from the bustle of the city. The landing along the Philharmonic Building will serve as an outside foyer. It can host outdoor concerts and various other events. There will also be gastronomic gardens.

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The box in the mujahideen. Approval 12

The authors of the winning concept propose to arrange an adjacent park at 12 Zgoda and Sienkiewicza Streets. It will be a landscaped garden, especially to meet the needs of the residents, with a central and multifunctional lawn. There will be a place for a playground, a gym, chess tables and benches. A real green oasis will be created in the center of the city for the residents of the neighboring houses.

More procedures after the contest term

The Municipal Road Authority will now invite the authors of the best works to negotiate under the single-source procurement procedure. Based on competition entry, the winners will prepare design documents. They will also be responsible for supervision. Investments are tentatively scheduled to begin in 2023.

New Warsaw Center

The competition for the area of ​​u200bu200bZłota and Zgoda streets is the next stage of transforming the streets and squares in the city center into a friendly, aesthetic and green space. The intersection of Marszałkowska and Królewska Streets has already been reconstructed, improving the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic.

The Dmowskiego roundabout and Pięć Rogów square change at the intersection of Krucza, Bracka, Chmielna, Zgody and Szpitalna streets. Along the Mujahideen. Marszałkowska In Plac Defilad, a row of new and large trees and shrubs have been planted. New bike paths built.

It will be more comfortable and safer for all road users. Pedestrians and cyclists will no longer be pushed into the tunnels.