There is a reason that the new museum of the master of Italian cinema opened in Rimini on August 19. Here Federico Fellini, creator of such works as “Sweet Life”, “Nights of Cabirii” or “La Strada”, was born, and lived through the first 19 years of his youth. He was also buried in Rimini. The city was the source of inspiration for most of the artist’s work, and today it reminds us of its distinguished compatriot at every step. The beautiful new museum is now the highlight of the walk through the completely renovated center of the largest Adriatic resort in the Emilia-Romagna region.

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Federico Fellini Museum in Rimini

Rimini pays tribute to talented film artists

The Fellini Museum is one of the greatest places dedicated to the life, work, and poetic heritage of an outstanding film genius. It also provides visitors with the opportunity to view a unique collection of graphics, costumes, original texts, messages and interesting multimedia presentations. It also allows guests to become protagonists in an immersive cinematic experience and see how an outstanding director made films and how he saw the world.

The Fellini Museum is housed in three exhibition spaces. In the 15th-century Sismondo Castle, one of Rimini’s most important monuments, there are exhibits describing the director’s portrait – his character, his character, his inspiration and the way he made his films. One of the exhibits is The Book of Dreams, a collection of Fellini’s drawings that he recommended to his therapist. In addition, a special space was created in the space of the castle, thanks to the latest technologies, distinctive installations and many elements of the scene, reminiscent of the artist’s greatest cinematic works. The Sea of ​​Silk and ventilation systems from “And the Ship Flies” or the popular “Sweet Life” movie set are just some of the many exhibits. Thanks to them, guests can concretely move to the land of Fellini’s dreams and imagination.

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In turn, exhibitions at Art Nouveau Cinema Fulgor, where young Fellini saw his first film, focus on the relationship between the eminent director and Rimini – the birthplace of a creative cinema artist, which inspired him to create. On the second floor of the building there is a small cinema room where the pictures of the master are shown.

The third part of the gallery, called the Square of Dreams, is a 400-meter space located between the Folgor Cinema and Sismondo Castle. The square outside is a place where you can enjoy continuous digital installations and augmented reality of movies. Following the concept of ‘everything imaginable’, Sismondo Castle, Folgor Cinema and Piazza of Dreams are all part of an immersive journey through different places in Rimini, leading to the creation of the Federico Fellini International Museum.

The Mayor of Rimini, Andrea Gnassi, explains.

Not only the museum

For those who need an extra incentive to travel to Rimini, the city’s website will convince you to travel. Rimini is located on the Adriatic coast in the Emilia-Romagna region in the northern part of Italy between Milan, Lombardy, Florence, Tuscany and Venice. There are connections to Bologna and Rimini airports from most major European airports. Visitors can visit all museums after presenting a COVID-19 Green Pass – any document that the person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has tested negative or has passed the disease.