Architects from Studio Metaform Architects have transformed an old neglected gallery, originally built as a warehouse, into a friendly workspace filled with light and greenery.

Renovated old warehouse located in Steinsel, Luxembourg. The facility became the headquarters of the IT company. 1950 square meters were provided to employees. Office space, including a spacious foyer, staff kitchen, meeting rooms, open offices, exhibition space, plus an outdoor terrace and ample storage space.

The main assumption of the project was to bring more natural daylight into the interior of the building and create an efficient, clean and bright office space where the focus is on staff and communication, he explains. Shahram Agaajani, Founder Metaform Architects.

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Most importantly, the warehouse adaptation concept assumed preservation of some key features of the original building. The entrance to the building is greeted by a bright atrium with a high ceiling on two floors. Light enters here through large windows and skylights built into the steel ceiling, which have been completely renovated to condition the space.

The striking design element is the central staircase that also serves as a common space. Finished in oak wood a warm color, while maintaining an open space, it’s kind of a mixture of semi-private and informal work areas with spaces for socializing.

The architects chose a universal palette of timeless colors and classic materials. Inside, we can find white walls and steel beams hinting at the building’s original character and the aforementioned oak wood. Combined with large green plants and natural light, they create a friendly work environment. The point above “and” is furniture specially selected to create a homey atmosphere.

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