The intricate junction in the English town of Swindon has become a popular tourist attraction in the United Kingdom. Not only citizens from all over the country come here, but also guests from abroad. See how it looks.

When you think of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, you will surely see such iconic landmarks as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Roman Colosseum and Big Ben in London. After visiting these points, a large group of tourists begins to look for impressions elsewhere. Thus they find their way, for example, to the shortest street in the world, which can be found in Scotland.

If you are closer to those travelers who want to experience something extraordinary, A must go to the inconspicuous English town of Swindon. Here you will find one of the most famous tourist attractions in the whole country. We’re talking about…a strange rotor that actually consists of 5 smaller rotors. See for yourself what this invention looks like.

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This unusual pass in England attracts thousands of tourists. It is one of the highest rated attractions

This unusual roundabout, located in the city of Swindon in the south of England, is a real obstacle for drivers. However, for tourists, it has become one of the greatest attractions in the whole country. The complex intersection consists of five smaller intersections – one for each access road.

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The so-called magic rotor is nothing but an annular junction. The most famous of them is located in Swindon, but throughout Great Britain we can find 4 more road solutions. And although it is difficult to overcome at first glance, in fact, residents of the area find it effective.

round intersection It was founded in an English city in 1972. However, it has recently been subjected to a real siege. According to Fly4free, all because it made it to the popular Tripadvisor platform and It has become one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Britain.

Are you curious what this road solution looks like? A recording showing the daily traffic in this rotor has been released to the network. I must admit that this opinion is very influential.

Source: Fly4free