The case was handled by lawyers commissioned by the program “Nieuwsuur”, which was broadcast on Dutch public television. They analyzed the provided penalty provisions and found that A Russian citizen of an EU country puts it in all relevant documents commercial activities.

Maltese investigative journalist Matthew Caruana Galizia said on the program that in such a case, when he sets up a company, let’s say in France, he is listed there as an EU citizen, not a Russian.

Thanks to this simple procedure Russian oligarchs can also circumvent the ban Deposit more than 100 thousand. euro I grew up in Russia in European banks of interest to the citizens of that country. The issue of granting wealthy Russians European passports was of interest to the Union itself.

Syndicate says “stop” issuing so-called golden passports

European Parliament He wants to prevent them from issuing so-called golden passports, that is, those that are de facto Bought by the wealthy Citizens’ subjects from outside the European Union. The European Commission is already taking action against Malta and Cyprus, which are the leaders in its issuance. The former country recently suspended the program for issuing these documents to Russians and Belarusians.

According to information obtained by the NOS portal, in recent years, thousands of passports are called golden. In 2012-2017, as much as 40 per cent. Among all the passports sold by Malta, I found Russian buyers.