Winter around the world. Fall with class. Barezer Platz, the Aldon Hotel, Berlin. Germany, February 8, 2121 (Foot Kai Netfield / Associated Press)

In the Netherlands, the so-called red alert, the highest level of air alerts. Hurricane Darcy caused the country’s worst snowstorm in a decade. Due to the bad weather, the authorities have closed all PCR test points for the presence of the Coronavirus. Transport lines with Germany severed. The Dutch avoid traveling because cars are slipping on icy roads. Hurricane Darcy also passes over Great Britain – especially over England and Scotland, including. 10 cm of snow fell in London. Police advise against traveling, as in some places roads are closed. Temperatures in Scotland have even dropped to -15 degrees Celsius. Over Germany it passes over Tristan, which causes frost and snowstorms. More than 30 cm of snow fell in some places. Particularly affected are the provinces of central and northern Germany: northeastern Hesse, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. Trucks trapped in snow have blocked several highways. The situation is similar in Belgium, where the local meteorological institute warns that roads are dangerous due to snow. Snowfall in Flanders Monday morning caused massive traffic jams and big delays. It was also difficult to pass on roads in the Czech Republic – due to the icy surfaces. Buses and trains were delayed for several hours, and some connections were canceled. On the other hand, France is at risk of floods that cover seven provinces in the southern and western parts of the country. In Paris, the boulevards along the Seine are inaccessible in some places, as the river level is about 4.3 meters. The worst case is in Sants, 115 kilometers from Bordeaux, where the Charente River has almost reached a record high – 6, 2 m – and spread through the streets, reaching the knees of people in most cities. Nearly 400 people were evacuated.

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