‘Last generation’ climate activists have briefly halted air traffic at BER – passengers are furious.

For the older Swabia couple, the issue is clear: “The ultimate dirt pack,” press man. “I hope they will be severely punished. Even if they get them out of the runway.” And she agrees: “I hope none of the fools get stuck,” I said at the travel agency. They’ve been on the road all day traveling on annual vacation. “Finally it has begun,” he says, “we thought.”

Passengers stand in front of display boards at Bir Airport. (Source: Karsten Cole)

“I’m running out of patience”

Dennis, young in Berlin, has a greater understanding, “even if, of course, patience wanes the moment it affects you.” He has not seen his girlfriend, who lives in London, for a month. “I am very keen to travel as environmentally friendly as possible: taking the train rather than driving, if that is the case moist Allowed, then I’ll ride the bike. “But he was looking forward to this trip.” We took extra time together. I understand and share the goals. But I also have to be honest: The insecurities I’m experiencing right now aren’t cute.”

Coming out, the man says to himself, “Every country gets the protest it deserves.” Todd, who already wants to return to London after a short holiday with a friend, is also upset: “You ruined our plans. If that was the point, it worked.”

Almost no one knows what happened

Getting to Terminal 1: It’s strangely normal for an airport that’s just been closed for a good hour. It soon becomes apparent that this is also due to the fact that no one knows what is really going on. A taxi driver, panicked, asks: “Is there some stickiness on the train?” “I already asked myself why no one got out of here for so long.” Two Austrians ran up and, when asked, shouted: “No one will tell us if our flight is cancelled!” And they went. “It’s the same as always,” says the taxi driver.

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The lack of information is particularly evident in the arrivals area. “My mother was supposed to land from Istanbul at 5:20 pm,” says one man. He points to the information board: “It was said to have been there for a long time, but no one has been here for ages. We haven’t discovered anything.” He had to move his car four times because: “Parking is expensive in Berlin.”

Jake and Rachel wait at Bear International Airport for their flight to Manchester.
Jake and Rachel wait at Bear International Airport for their flight to Manchester. (What: Julian Seyferth)

British full and comfortable

It’s busier in Terminal 2, more British – and very, very comfortable. “We’re there early anyway,” says Jake, who wants to fly back to England that evening with his wife, Rachel. “There are rumors it will be a little late, but we have plenty of time. Our car is in Manchester at the airport.”

Jay and Kerry pass playing cards - maybe longer -.
Jay and Kerry pass playing cards – maybe longer -. (What: Julian Seyferth)

The twosome stance appears to be popular among those drawn to Manchester here. A group of girls are making video calls and there is a lot of laughing out loud. Jay (25) and Kerry (29) pass the time with a deck of cards.