EU leaders adopted a tough line on Russia last night – but only after Poland and the Baltic states vehemently opposed Germany and France did they torpedo a proposal by the group’s superpowers to bring Summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The end result has been very humiliating, if not completely humiliating, for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, who are usually the most influential in discussions at the European Council table,” Politico reported.

Merkel and Macron offered no explanation or justification for pushing for a softer approach with Putin the day before the European Commission meeting, and their unexpected move clearly angered other leaders who argued there was no reason to ease diplomatic pressure on Moscow.

‘Europe is pro-Russian’

– Europe is pro-Russian and has always been so. Just. As the professor said. Legutko in an interview with TVP Info. – This applies to all games from left to right. In Western Europe, anti-Russian sentiment appears only when something tragic happens, for example, the downing of a passenger plane or a military invasion of foreign lands. Then it gets hot, but it passes quickly – the politician points out.

The politician said the defeat of Merkel and Macron and its echoes reflected well the order in Europe.

– If we are voted, then this is Poland or other countries – this is normal. If Germany and France are voted on, it’s really insulting, he said on TVP Info, it’s something unusual. Angela Merkel is upset, there will certainly be some consequences. After all, it could not be to humiliate such a wonderful country as Germany or France – he said.

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