Iron Maiden singer is unhappy with Britain’s exit from the European Union, despite voting for it.

Bruce Dickinson He has openly admitted in the media that he is in favor of Brexit. Still in 2018, singer iron maiden He claimed he was quite calm and even went so far as to say that “Brexit will open our borders and open the UK to the world”.

Now, however, he has a different opinion. The British government has yet to reach an agreement with the European Union on how British musicians will tour Europe and on the terms foreign musicians can perform in the UK.

Bruce Dickinson Talk about it on Sky News.

Soon, fans noted his earlier statements.

Here are some of the comments made in his statement to “Sky News”:

When supporting Brexit, he thought it would only affect others and not him? This is a very common thinking.

He says as if he wants the UK and European countries to conclude an agreement that guarantees the free movement of people, goods and services, like the European Union.

The European Union simply respected his voice. Or maybe he didn’t understand what he voted for?

Bruce Dickinson basically says “Yes, I voted for Brexit and restricted freedom of movement, but not mine.”

Perhaps you should read a little about it. I voted for exactly that, you idiot.

Another fan admitted it Bruce He’s his hero, but other musicians have been shouting since 2016 that Brexit would end in disaster: “I’m glad he finally got it, but he’d better admit he was wrong.”

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