An innocent joke started a sensation on social media that even reached Phil Spencer. The head of the Xbox brand thanked the great interest in Xbox Game Pass, and the reason for the whole situation was, among others, PlayStation fans.

There’s a reason Xbox Game Pass is so popular and other gamers and journalists are praising the service. In many cases, this is just data because Microsoft showed in the last eventIt wants to base its activities significantly in 2021 on titles that will move to XGP from the premiere.

Positive feedback regarding the Xbox Game Pass began to be attacked by opponents of the service, who claimed that Microsoft had paid any part of the praise. This situation was noted by an IGN journalist who unleashed a real storm:

Destin mocked the situation by posting a tweet that also looked like a typical advertisement, but his message sparked thousands of similar comments. More and more people have mocked gamers who can’t handle the very good shape of Xbox Game Pass.

Aaron Greenberg described the message as “Tweet of the Year”:

The situation was also commented on by Phil Spencer, who thanked all the community’s love for Xbox Game Pass:

Xbox Game Pass UK has confirmed that the hashtag #XboxGamePass has hit trends:

There’s no shortage of opinions that have made PlayStation fans of Microsoft ad free. Some people are still attacking the service, claiming that Xbox Game Pass offers no value and poor games, but the American company is doing its thing.

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