Thousands of demonstrators gathered in various European cities to express solidarity with the Palestinians. For nearly a week, there was an exchange of fire between Israel and Hamas, the bloodiest since the previous escalation of the conflict in 2014.

Several thousand people showed their solidarity with the Palestinians on Saturday in Berlin, and more than 20,000 people gathered in several cities in France. Persons. In Athens, police dispersed protests with water cannons.

According to Agence France-Presse, the demonstrations are in Berlin And other German cities have taken on a violent character; Clashes with police took place and the most aggressive protesters were arrested. According to police, more than 3.5,000 people took part in the three largest demonstrations in Berlin that day. Persons.

On Saturday, demonstrations of solidarity with the Palestinians were organized in several cities France. According to Interior Ministry data, about 2.5-3.5 thousand people gathered in Paris. Protesters have been dispersed before the protest – banned due to coronavirus restrictions – by law enforcement authorities using tear gas.

The French authorities estimate that a total of 60 demonstrations, totaling 22,000 people, took place on that day across the country. Participants. Outside Paris, the largest crowd was in Strasbourg – 4000. And Marseille – 1.5 thousand. 51 people were arrested, 44 of them in Paris. More than 300 others received fines.

Thousands of demonstrators also demonstrated LondonWith slogans “liberating Palestine” and “ending the occupation.” At least one participant burned an Israeli flag.

Protests at the Israeli embassy headquarters in Athena. Police cordoned off the facility, which dispersed hundreds of protesters using tear gas and water cannons.