Starting next Monday, students in grades four through eight of elementary and high schools return to school. Learning will take place in a hybrid system. This means that some students will learn remotely and others are in school.

– It’s exactly the same across all provinces – in mixed mode. The head of the school and the educational board decide which class, which day to go to school, which class and which day is still on distance learning, says Minister of Education and Science Przemislav Kzarnik.

The minister emphasized that returning to school is essential for the students’ well-being.

Staying home all the time and remote learning in front of a computer is less effective, which is pretty clear. Second, children need a community, and those few months at home without the company of friends, but also without direct contact with teachers, certainly did not have a positive impact on their health and well-being, and it did not have an element of appreciation. So all of this has to be rebuilt, says Przemislav Kazarnik.

From May 4, students from grades one to three returned from elementary schools to their desks. From Monday May 31 until the end of the school year, all schools are taught full-time.

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