The wife of a Russian soldier planned everything carefully. In a conversation that was intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence, she explained to him the plan to escape from the front. First of all, it turned out that her husband should not be mobilized in the army of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

In the military enlistment office they said it should not be taken at all [do wojska]Because you have a residence permit and a Russian passport. “What the hell is this” etc. With this message [dotyczącym pozwolenia na pobyt] You can drive quietly, even without showing a DPR passport – the soldier explained to the soldier.

And the woman strongly advised her husband to “lose” the passport issued by the self-proclaimed republic as soon as possible, because if someone finds it with him, “there will be a problem here in Donetsk.” Then a bribe of a soldier is enough to cross the Russian border.

In short, everything is simple: go back and count. 50 or 80 thousand [rubli] to cross the border. Then sit in Taganrog, sit quietly and suck your foot. An apartment building will be renovated in Tani.. – The Russian woman advised.

Then the woman told her husband in complete disarray about the condition of the village of Orogani “or another”, 30 of whom would be sent to the village right on the front line, where there was no electricity or communications.

Every three or ten days, I don’t get it right, these people are going to change. But who of these 30 will be alive by then? asked the Russian rhetorically.

It was very hot there! Help was called there. There, the army is already seizing pistols and assault rifles. They can not calm women, there are more quarrels – the Russian woman told her husband.

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