Four deputies from the Russian Communist Party opposed Vladimir Putin. During the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Russia, Leonid Vasekevich read out a special statement addressed to the President of Russia.

The Russian deputy called on his name and three colleagues in his party to stop the invasion of Ukraine. In addition, he demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops from its territory. This was justified, inter alia, by the patronage of the soldiers fighting there.

We demand the immediate withdrawal of the troops of the Russian Federation. If we do not stop the military operation, there will be more orphans in our country. Wasiukiewicz said that young people who could bring great benefits to our country die and become disabled during the military operation.

Russian state media reported the incident, describing it as a “provocation”. Oleg Kozymjako, the district’s governor, was to call Wasyukevich a traitor, according to Newsweek. He also allegedly accused the official of “defaming the Russian army and defenders fighting against Nazism”.

Leonid Wasyukevich and his friend from the party, Gennady Zolga, were asked to leave the meeting room. They were denied voting rights at the session. The rest of the deputies did not support the appeal made by the politician. It has been criticized as a “distortion of the honor of the Communist Party”, but it is also a “violation of the rules of deliberation”. The case was also reported by Kyiv Independent, Activateca and Radio Free Europe.

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