Seven years ago we were the main partner of the United States in promoting democracy, and today the US Secretary of State should press Poland to respect media freedom or the rule of law – as Radoslaw Sikorski, former head of diplomacy at Krupka Club Anna, said on TVN24. From the US State Department after Anthony Blinken’s conversation with the Polish chief of diplomacy Zbigniew Rao.

On Tuesday, the head of the Polish diplomacy Zbigniew Rao spoke on the phone to Anthony BlinkenCity Police. As the Foreign Ministry reported, Blinken said during the interview, “He expected cooperation with Poland on many issues in defense of jointly declared democratic values, including freedom of the media and respect for civil rights.” The Polish Foreign Ministry’s statement mentioned a number of issues raised by diplomats, but did not mention “freedom of the media”. Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry said that “it was pointed out in the conversation that the Polish Constitution uses the biological definition of gender, supports human rights and prohibits any discrimination.” In addition, “in the coming years, no changes are expected in the legal system in force since 1997.”

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Sikorsky: Blinken’s words illustrate the scale of our downfall

Radoslaw Sikorski, Member of the European Parliament, former Foreign Minister, spoke about the conversation between diplomats and Polish-American relations on TVN24’s “Kropka nad i”.

In his view, words like these from the US State Department are “an example of the scale of our backsliding.” – I would like to remind you that in 2014, when we awarded the Solidarity Prize for the 25th anniversary of the first semi-free elections, the entire democratic world, including President (USA, Barack – Editor) Obama came to Warsaw. We have been the main partner of the United States in expanding and strengthening democracy. Sikorsky recalls that Poland was a symbol of successful democratic transition.

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“Today, the US Secretary of State must pressure Poland to respect media freedom or the rule of law,” he said. – I can’t imagine a greater contrast – confirmed a TVN24 guest.

Sikorsky: With Biden’s victory, the Kaczyński concept came to an end

In his view, after the victory of Joe Biden and the defeat of Donald Trump, “Law and Justice Party politicians still feel orphaned, because they clearly prefer that Trump cheat, change the outcome of the democratic election and remain president.”

This implemented Kaczyński’s notion that Poland was a national-religious dictatorship with the support of her older brother in Washington. Sikorsky said that concept is finished.

“Indulgence” naziolkom “constant”

A TVN24 guest also commented on the matter Tomash Greenwich, The former head of the Wroclaw branch of the Institute for National Remembrance, who resigned due to controversy over his past in the far-right radical national camp and the images he praised.

Remember, PiS wanted to create a different version of Polish history. It was not based on the secret Polish state, the London government, or the nation’s army, because they were not nationalists. Sikorsky said he wanted to distinguish himself, so he chose to imitate the national armed forces and the Damned Soldiers.

In his opinion, the “indulgence of the Nazis” by the ruling party is “constant.” – This Encounter in the woods and this is MEPs were hanged on the gallows – Number. According to Sikorsky, the Law and Justice Party is “trying to create a” new Polish “- nationalists and clerics.”

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The former head of the State Department acknowledged that “the National Remembrance Institute is a noble institution with roots.” However, the Law and Justice Party believes that an organization is fine if it is staffed. He stressed that filling these institutions with their own means would lose their authority and ability to speak to foreign countries.

Now – he added – “The National Remembrance Institute is the symbol of nationalism in Polish history.” “This means that they will not convince any foreigner of what they preach,” he said.