US Land Forces in Europe and Africa have announced that the US Armored Brigade combat equipment will be delivered to Europe in March. This will be another US change as part of the process of dissolving the Atlantic. In April, soldiers will also begin arriving at European bases.

The US Army in Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF) reported that “Soldiers and equipment from the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Group, 4th Infantry Division, began arriving in Europe from Fort Carson, Colorado, as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve.”

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This is the ninth planned rotation of the Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT), which was announced in December last year.

The brigade’s equipment will be delivered to the ports of Denmark, Greece and the Netherlands. Soldiers will begin arriving in Europe in April. In the next shift, the Americans will deploy about 4,000 soldiers, about 90 Abrams tanks, 15 Paladin self-propelled howitzers, 150 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, 500 tracked vehicles and 600 wheeled vehicles.

As confirmed by the regional leadership, the transfer is taking place in accordance with the guidelines issued in connection with the epidemic by the Pentagon and European authorities.

American Abrams in a port in Germany (02/20/2020)U.S. military

US Armored Forces in Europe

The continuous rotating presence of US armored forces in Europe has been in place since April 2014, when the US Department of Defense launched Operation Atlantic Resolve to bolster European allies in response to Russia’s annexation of part of Ukraine. In addition to the Armored Brigade, Atlantic Resolve includes air group rotation, security units, and divisional command.

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How many NATO soldiers are there in Poland and neighboring countries

Units based in Europe participate in bilateral and multinational training projects in Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy and Great Britain.

Another rotation will replace the current 1st Infantry Division’s first team, which came from Fort Riley, Kansas. In Poland, sub-units of the brigade are stationed at Żagań, Świętoszów, Skwierzyna and Bolesławiec, in cooperation with the Polish 11th Armored Cavalry Division at Lubuskie. Numbered about 2,000. Persons, the air group consists of the 1st Combat Aviation Brigade of the 1st Cavalry Division, with Chinook transport helicopters, AH-64 Apache combat helicopters, UH-60 and HH-60 combat helicopters. The American brigades rotate with their equipment each time. Moving them through ports in Europe is also an exercise in the ability to move and deploy brigade-sized forces to Europe.

Main image source: U.S. military