Many countries are under pressure to take sides and the region may be “changed by political factors. – Values wang In a speech delivered at the Secretariat Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

This region must be isolated from geopolitical calculations so that it is not used as a pawn on the chessboard in the competition of the great powers (…). The future of our region must be in our hands Reuters quoted Wang as saying.

US Secretary of State’s visit to Thailand

yesterday US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken He made a visit to Thailand in an effort to strengthen US relations with this ally country in order to counter the growing influence of China in the Indo-Pacific region, the Palestinian Authority said. Blinkin He also blamed there ASEAN countriesThey do little to pressure the Burmese junta, which toppled democracy Row this country.

Southeast Asia Due to its strategic importance, it has long been an area of ​​geopolitical tensions between the great powers. Some countries in the region are afraid to take an unequivocal stand in the growing competition between China and the USA – confirms Reuters.

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Answer a question about the father. Taiwan After his performance in Jakarta, Wang Blame it on the United StatesThey are trying to “play the Taiwan card to disrupt and limit China’s development”. Beijing recognizes the island under democratic rule as part of the territory of the People’s Republic of China and seeks to control it, without excluding the possibility of the use of military force.

Tensions between the United States and China

The relations between the United States and China are currently very tense. The world’s two largest economies are arguing over a range of issues: from trade and technology, to Taiwan’s status, Chinese territorial claims in the seas, the status of Uyghurs and human rights, to the coronavirus pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. .

Wang spoke with Blinken on Saturday on the sidelines of the foreign ministers meeting G20 . group On the Indonesian island of Bali. The US Secretary of State expressed concern about China’s cooperation with Russia, and called on Beijing to condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs He stated, without giving any details, that both ministers Discuss the “Ukrainian Question”. Wang was also quoted in the press release as accusing the United States of bias against China.

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Chinese authorities They did not condemn the Russian aggression against Ukraine, but spoke out against the sanctions imposed on Moscow and The United States and NATO accused to fuel conflict. before the invasion China And Russia declared friendship “without borders” after it began wang He praised the broad prospects for cooperation between the two countries. But according to experts, the Chinese are avoiding measures that could expose their companies to Western sanctions.