Netflix has found a new way to encourage its users to watch more news. The site app has just been updated with a new function called ‘Downloads for you’, which will automatically download recommended movies and series for viewers. And all according to the parameters of the algorithm.

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Every person who uses VOD services sooner or later faces the question: “What are you watching now?” Finding answers for them is not always easy, so companies like Netflix try to recommend new productions to their users in the most effective way. All this even if for a moment they cannot think of the idea of ​​deleting the account. Streaming platforms recommend to their customers a list of new products based on previously viewed products.

However, Netflix decided to simplify this process even further and with the new “Downloads For You” function, make choosing your viewers as easy as possible.

In 2018, the site launched Smart Download, thanks to which new episodes of the production selected for viewing were automatically downloaded to the smartphone after watching the previous episode. In this way, the company has ensured continuity of communications with the customer, even when he is currently offline. The “Downloads For You” function should be a logical step forward. As I mentioned Varied portalThus, Netflix will be proactively encouraging its users to watch the next series or movie.

If the site app owner agrees to the new feature, the new products will be downloaded automatically to their device. He won’t even have to choose them, because the algorithm will do it for him, based on choices made previously. “Dowloads For You” is another Netflix app improvement that the company recently introduced after the previous testing period.

In January this year, the platform implemented haphazard play, which is also aimed at reducing the need for users to choose. Sleep tests are underway, too. The Android app update with the new download service was published on February 22, although it might not appear on some devices until the following days. Apple device owners will also wait a little longer.

Netflix owners on iOS smartphones are expected to receive a similar improvement soon.