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Recently, Google Chrome latest version 88.04324.150, or What we already wrote. However, it turns out that the update is really important as it fixes an important and critical bug that puts our computers at risk from the outside.

As security researcher Mattias Buelens explained, there was a vulnerability in the browser engine (more specifically in the V8 component responsible for JavaScript) that allowed attackers to execute code remotely on the victim’s computer.

This type of interference allows hackers to take control of the computer and place malware that can, for example, steal personal data, logins, passwords, etc.

The V8 Browser vulnerability has been actively exploited by North Korean hacker group ZINC. Data about their actions was disclosed on January 28, 2021 by Microsoft.

Google did not disclose how the attack mechanism worked, but confirmed that it had removed its use. The company does not intend to provide details until the majority of users apply the update.

Chrome should update automatically. However, to make sure we have version 88, select the three dots icon in the top right corner, then click Help -> Google Chrome – About tab.

If the reference number 88.04324.150 is there – we can sleep peacefully. If not, then the Manual update option should appear in the menu after clicking on the three vertical dots icon.

Google Chrome browser works Windows, macOS-a, Male in appearance And the iOS-prof It can be found at Our software catalog.

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